“When the sun first comes up and shines on you, he said, your shadow is big behind you.  But as you continue to sit, your shadow gets smaller and smaller, until finally it’s just Buddha sitting there” (NBNE – pg 25)

Intimacy itself is at the heart of all of Zen. When we are intimate with anything, or with everything, we are simultaneously being intimate with ourselves.” (NBNE pg. 111)

“In traditional Zen spirit we don’t emphasize the stages in meditation practice or anything we think we’ve gained.  We emphasize having strong confidence in our original nature.  That’s the spirit of Zen, and this confidence unfolds through the cultivation of practice.” (NBNE pg. 84)

“It is through the essence of mind, which is unborn, indestructible, calm, and clear that we deliver ourselves with ourselves.  This is the basic reality of Dharma.  It’s not your teacher who is going to deliver you: through the practice you’re going to deliver yourself within yourself.  The only thing is to do then is to dive wholeheartedly, to jump right in.  That’s delivering ourselves by cultivating our own essence of mind.  Going straight on a ninety-nine mile curve.” (NBNE pg. 100)

“I want to convey the most important thing.  I want people to experience this greatness, this vastness, what may be called this mysterious universe that, without doubt, is within each one of us.” (NBNE pg. 32)

 “When our zazen posture is settled it allows our “body and mind” to become seated within itself.  After all, the posture of the body is the posture of the mind and this is why taking a good posture is so important.  Seated like this, we can rediscover the natural gravity of stability with our bodies.  When you are stable in your sitting, your mind joins your body and becomes peaceful fairly quickly.” (NBNE pg. 36)

“Awakened truth, or Buddhadharma, points out that the truth is always near at hand, it’s always with you whether you realize it or not. It just needs to be awakened.” (NBNE pg. 39)

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