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Daily Meditation Schedule (Ongoing Monday to Saturday)

You are welcome to sit zazen as your schedule permits. Participate in the daily schedule as much as you are able. Continuous daily practice helps strengthen your resolve. If attending partially, please leave or enter during kinhin (walking meditation).


Download daily sutras to partake in the service.

SMZC Closed
SMZC Closed
Jun 11, 2024, 5:00 AM PDT
Monday – Saturday Morning

5:15 – 5:50 am     Zazen

5:50 – 6:00 am     Kinhin

6:00 – 6:35 am     Zazen

6:35 – 6:40 am     Recite Verse of The Kesa (The Robe Chant) [Download]

6:40 – 7:00 am     Service [Download Chants]

Tuesday – Friday Evening

7:30 8:10 pm     Zazen

8:10 8:20 pm     Kinhin

8:20 8:55 pm     Zazen

8:55 9:00 pm     Recite The Four Bodhisattva Vows [Download]

Meeting ID: 907 889 251
Passcode: 360919

Meeting ID: 688 048 731
Passcode: 584765


Saturday Community (Online & On Site)

10:30 – 11:00 am   Zazen & Recite Opening Sutras [Download]

11:00 – 11:30 am   Talk & Recite Universal Transfer of Merit [Download]

ONLINE (on Zoom): Registration required for each Saturday Community you plan to attend.

ON SITE (in Zendo): We are open to the public. Registration required: Please register for each Saturday Community you plan to attend.

$15 Admission

DOKUSAN WITH TEACHERS in Person or on Zoom with
Jakusho Kwong-roshi and Abbot Nyoze Kwong

Members-Only Benefit: Please email the office for scheduling link.

In-Person Dokusan Interview Procedure

Sit in the zendo for 15 minutes, then the teacher will ring a bell for you to enter the dokusan room. (Download PDF)

FORMS AND GUIDELINES for Online Practice


We have two periods of morning and evening zazen (view schedule). Beginning period of zazen will start by the facilitator striking a bell with three times. To end the period and to begin closing verse, there will be one strike on the bell.


It is extremely important that we all aim toward creating a calm, quiet, and strong container in which we can deepen our practice of zazen (just sitting). Please keep the following forms in mind to manifest our practice as One Body and One Mind.


Creating A Strong Container

Organize and straighten up a space in which you will be sitting zazen. Clean the area around your computer if it is a desktop to create a calm environment in which you can settle. This gives space for a calm mind to manifest. We are connecting and cultivating something deeper that is in harmony with the universe.


Sit stable like a mountain and unmovable. Do not move and keep your seat. Become one with your breath, body, and mind.


There are various ways to sit – in profile or facing away from the computer screen to not be distracted by others that may be moving. Others may choose to “stop the video” or turn off their camera. You can also face your camera toward an altar, vase of flowers, candle, or incense.


Maintaining Noble Silence

Please maintain silence throughout online zendo to deepen your practice and for others as well. Please arrive in silence and on time to create harmony and start practice together as one body. Please mute your microphone when you enter.


Begin your sitting by holding your hands in gassho (palms together) and bow towards and away from your cushion or chair to prepare your body and mind for zazen.


At the end of zazen after the reciting the closing verse, hold your hands in gassho and bow. When you are finished zazen, comes to standing, brush and fluff your zafu (cushion) and zabuton (mat) as your first activity as stillness in action.

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