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Friday, March 15, July 12 & September 27, 2024

Temple stay is an opportunity to experience authentic Soto Zen Buddhism, its lifestyle, rituals and spirituality. Take the backward step, sit down and illuminate the jewel within yourself.

During a temple stay, guests can rest in the calm, restorative environment of Sonoma Mountain Zen Center. A stay at our center is a unique retreat into a spiritual sanctuary surrounded by natural beauty. We are located in the heart of Sonoma County, overlooking the Valley of the Moon on the northern slope of Sonoma Mountain. This rural setting is filled with redwood forests, oak groves, and sweeping vistas. During your stay, you can join in the meditation periods, services, and communal meals of our daily temple life or spend time alone reading, writing, or hiking. In addition to walking trails on our grounds, North Slope Regional Park and Jack London State Park are a close driving distance from the center.

The Temple Stay program includes:
  • Oryoki instruction

  • Meditation instruction


1st Day (Friday)

  3:00–4:00 pm Check-in

  4:00 pm Orientation – basic temple rules

  6:00 pm Informal communal vegetarian dinner

  6:40 pm Oryoki instruction

  7:30 pm Meditation (optional)

  8:10 pm Walking meditation

  8:20 pm Meditation

  8:55 pm Recite bodhisattva vows

2nd Day (Saturday)

  5:00 am Wake up

  5:15 am Meditation (optional)

  5:50 am Walking meditation

  6:00 am Meditation

  6:40 am Sutra chanting & service

  7:00 am Oryoki breakfast

  9:00 am Meditation instruction or self-guided nature walk (optional)

10:30 am Meditation (optional)

11:00 am Saturday community (optional)

12:00 pm Informal communal vegetarian lunch

  1:30 pm Check-out

We would appreciate your observing the following guidelines:
  • Attend a Buddhist service.

  • Be on time for all scheduled events.

  • Maintain silence.

  • Take off socks in meditation hall.

  • Clean your room on your last day.

What to bring:
  • Running-shoes or hiking boots

  • Socks

  • Toothbrush

  • Warm clothes: long sleeves, pants, sweater

  • Jacket (it can be very cold on Sonoma Mountain)

  • Comfortable clothing (dress in layers) to wear in zendo (no shorts or sleeveless tops)

Temple stay fee for one night/two days per person:
  • $150 per night (dormitory room, shared restroom)

  • $175 per night (private room, shared restroom)

  • $200 per night (private room with restroom)

Contact for details.

Night dies into day.

Day dies into night.

Exhaling is intimate with loss,

Inhaling I am renewed.

—Jakusho Kwong-roshi

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