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Stillness sits on my Zafu

Exhaling near its end

- no coming nor going

Suddenly, the song of a red bird…

Calls my wall shadow to sit!

—Jakusho Kwong-roshi

An introductory retreat for both beginners and experienced sitters to plunge into the heart of Zen practice. Retreatants will experience a moderate schedule of eight periods of zazen, five periods of kinhin (walking meditation), and chanting online while practicing with SMZC residents in the zendo. This one-day sit is zoomed from the zendo.

Zoom link will be emailed to participants upon registration. Print Schedule.

  4:30 am     Wake Up

  4:45 am     Bonsho (15 min. bell)

  5:00 am     Zazen (meditation)

  5:40 am     Kinhin (10 min. slow walking meditation)

  5:50 am     Zazen

  6:30 am     Service, chanting

  6:50 am     Oryoki morning meal (residents) / Silent meal at home (online participants)

  8:30 am     Work practice (8:23 han, wood sound, residents meet outside) / Work practice at home (participants)

10:00 am     Clean-up (wood sound) 9:53

10:30 am     Zazen (10:23 bell)

11:10 am     Kinhin

11:20 am     Zazen

12:00 pm     Kinhin

12:10 pm     Zazen

12:50 pm     Service, chanting

  1:00 pm     Oryoki noon meal (residents) / Silent meal at home (participants), short rest (25 min.)

  2:30 pm     Zazen (2:23 bell)

  3:00 pm     Kinhin

  3:10 pm     Zazen

  3:40 pm     Kinhin

  3:50 pm     Zazen

  4:20 pm     Four Vows

  4:25 pm     Closing circle ceremony (residents & participants together)

  5:00 pm     Tea & cookies in Sangha House (residents only)

Download Chants

  6:30 am     Maha Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra

                   Intimacy of Relative and Absolute

                   Great Compassionate Dharani

12:50 pm     Great Light Dharani

  4:20 pm     Four Vows

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