Winter Practice Period: January 28 - February 25

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Ango Covid Protocols

Please review our current Covid Protocols. Masks may be required on site for indoor areas. To attend Ango events on site, please fill out a Covid Waiver Form and upload a scanned or photographed copy of your vaccination card (front side only).

Meeting ID: 853 1700 6003
Passcode: 492232

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Winter Ango Shuso (head student)

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Mr. Majestic

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[Shuso Name goes here],
Shuso (head student) for the month,
will reveal the theme at Opening Ceremony.

Winter Ango Theme


Morning Service
(Tue, Thur & Sat in English)


Morning Service
(Mon, Wed, Fri & Sun in Japanese)

Evening​ (Mon - Sat)

  • Fukanzazengi (Universal Promotion of the Principles of Zazen)

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