This is not the time for Sonoma Mountain Zen Center/Genjoji to ask for additional funds. But from what we hear & see, we cannot sit and do nothing. This deep feeling was answered by PJ, the daughter of Benja Petersen; Shambhala traditions calls this Auspicious Coincidence. Hence, we have a direct connection to UKRAINE. Not only our community, but anyone else who is open to help in this way - Please allow your Compassion to Help & Support UKRAINE. Each donation is beyond measure.




Zensan Jakusho 寂照 Kwong

Hello, my name is PJ Matheson. I am the daughter of Benja Peterson, who is a friend, supporter, and member of Sonoma Mountain Zen Center. Over the last month and a half, I have been communicating with many friends I lived and worked with in Odessa, Lviv, and Kyiv, Ukraine. We have been able to support a group of Ukrainians who have been helping to bring medicines, food, and supplies to cities in need in Ukraine. With our donations, they have been able to purchase vans to transport these goods as well as transport refugees safely to Poland. We are up to 10 drivers and 7 large vans! The funds we raise go towards providing these brave people with fuel, van repairs (the roads are quite bad, so they need regular maintenance), supplies, clothing, food, water, medicines, and safe places for refugees to sleep as they travel to the border. No sum is too small. Fundraising can be tedious, but it is so important to keep support coming to these brave, dedicated people who are risking their safety to help bring aid to others.

PJ Matheson

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Donations will be sent directly wired to the drivers in Poland from PJ's PayPal account. You may donate with your debit/credit card or PayPal. Thank you all so much for your generous support, energy, thoughts, and prayers.

Photos: Some photos of our awesome drivers, their vans loaded with supplies, and families being delivered safely to the border.


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