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Part I - Administrative Information

At which level are you joining?

Part II - Personal Information

All new members are requested to schedule dokusan (an interview) with Vice Abbot, Nyoze Kwong. The following questions are introductory so that he knows a little about your personal history, your life experience, and your spiritual direction prior to your interview. All information is kept confidential.

Relationship status
Do you live with this family?
How is your physical health?
How is your mental health?
Do you have any specific health needs, mental and/or physical disabilities?
Do you have any previous meditation or religious practice?

Part III - Member Introduction for the Sangha

As part of our new member welcome and introduction process, we like to publish a short biography of our members in our quarterly newsletter, Mountain Wind. Please provide a short bio that includes where you are joining us from and any relevant personal information you would like to share including your experience with Zen or other religious or spiritual practices, your interests/hobbies, profession, family information (spouse, children, siblings, etc.), and why you have decided to join our Sangha. We will only publish the information that you provide in the box below. The information provided in the sections on the previous pages is kept confidential.

Thank you for submitting your application!

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