Join date: Feb 4, 2022


I am still trying to extend my life. I had a mild heart attack and an infection for a long time, that was only recently diagnosed. High fever finally gone. I am sleeping all night without medication for the first time in my life. I track everything, including sleep and it's stages. I started having about an hour of REM 3 nights ago. I was rarely sleeping and for months altogether, 12 minutes of REM. I am starting to make sense. I was a member, Karen Cooper off and on for a long time, though heavily medicated on Psychiatric medicatioins because I was misdiagnosed 45 years ago. When I first watched a video of all of you chanting the Heart Sutra, I wept. I finally understood it. Still recovering from a few illnesses. I hope soon to be able to join everyone online. I go by Kaya Cooper now, though it is not my legal name. I will perhaps get the privilege of attending soon. Thank you for allowing me back. So grateful. Gassho...Kaya


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