Special online film series “Father & Son Conversations” are available for purchase. Your purchase of films supports and sustains SMZC. The series of short films had been made during the temple closure in 2020 and 2021 by an independent filmmaker Tim Zenun (禅雲) Metzger, a student of Kwong-roshi and our longtime sangha member since 2002. We hope you enjoy the father and son conversations.

Father’s Day Weekend Special Feature | Online Film Premiere of

“Beyond A Dream: Father & Son Conversations - Part II”

Saturday, June 19 10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. PST

Join us for part II of the “Beyond A Dream: Father & Son Conversations” film featuring an intimate conversation between a father and a son. Learn what they can teach us how to live in a troubled world. Find out how we can benefit from something negative, coming out of the darkness of this pandemic and seeing the light. Together with our worldwide sangha, we reflect on what has happened and what is happening. Discover how continuous practice helps all of us come into a full circle and return to now. Questions and answers with the sangha following the film.

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Blue Mountain White Cloud Father

White Cloud Blue Mountain Son

White Clouds intermingling all day long, while

Blue Mountain completely don’t know

—Tozan Ryokai Zenji

SMZC Genjo-ji sign installation (Roshi with students at the front gate) in 1975

Nyoze’s first visit to the Suzuki-roshi’s family temple Rinso-in in the winter of 1978-- Nyoze (right) with Hoitsu Suzuki-roshi’s two daughters Kaiyoko and Narumi under the kotatsu (heater covered by blanket) for Kwong-roshi’s transmission ceremony

Beyond A Dream: Father and Son Conversations - Part I (37 minutes)

This film is dedicated to Suzuki-roshi’s 50th anniversary of his passing and transmission of this sacred lineage. It is also to celebrate Vesak (International Buddha’s Birthday) together with our worldwide sangha and to mark our transition into reopening and returning to our on-site practice.

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If you are curious about the authentic practice of Zen, wish to deactivate your mind, and see things as they are, then the intimate and profound reflections shared between Roshi and Nyoze will help you find the way.

—Megan Backus

In "Father and Son Conversations" two contemporary Buddhas discuss, share, question, and rest in the "Inconceivable" .... These Buddhas are son and father Zen priests, and the film records their dialogue about their personal history and about how meditation found them and called them forth to teach.

—Ed Cadman

These two episodes were a rich conversation about the way-seeking path of a great teacher...and new ways to understand the pain of the pandemic as a container for transformation. Watching this dialogue inspires me to practice.

—Annie Hammang

The videos, photographs and stories took me into a sacred glimpse of the beginnings of Zen in the west...as I witnessed this living and unbroken lineage since the time of the Buddha. I felt my mind and body quiet and my heart open in new ways as I received their profound teachings—a rare and precious gift!

—Laury Rappaport

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